String Field Theory 2011 September 20. - 24. Prague
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Irina Aref'eva SFT inspired cosmology
Ever Aldo Arroyo Montero Level truncation of identity based solutions
Klaus Bering A Comparative Study of Laplacians in Riemannian and Antisymplectic Geometry
Nathan Berkovits TBA
Loriano Bonora Lump solutions in bosonic SFT
Martin Cederwall Pure spinor fields for supergravity
Theodore Erler An Integrability Condition for Singular Gauge Transformations
Dario Francia Transverse-invariant Lagrangians for higher-spins
Nobuyuki Ishibashi Dimensional regularization of Witten's OSFT
Isao Kishimoto Homotopy Operators and Identity-Based Solutions in Superstring Field Theory
Michael Kroyter Lattice string field theory
Michael Kroyter The BV Formulation of Non-Polynomial NS String Field Theory
Matej Kudrna SFT on intersecting D-branes
Carlo Maccaferri On Lumps from RG-flows
Koichi Murakami Multiloop amplitudes of light-cone gauge bosonic string field theory in noncritical dimensions
Tohru Masuda Comments on multi-brane solutions in open string field theory
Masaki Murata On multiple D-brane solutions in open string field theory
Toshifumi Noumi Solutions from boundary condition changing operators in open superstring field theory
Joris Raeymaekers Resolving singularities in higher spin gravity
Tomohiko Takahashi Homotopy Operators and One-Loop Vacuum Energy at the Tachyon Vacuum
Massimo Taronna Higher-Spin Interactions: Four-point functions and beyond
Shingo Torii Gauge-fixing conditions and propagators in open superstring field theory
Barton Zwiebach Double Field Theory of Ramond-Ramond Fields

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